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  1. I noticed that when I loaded V3 that WINPcap showed up on our TNI PC. Our information security wants us to remove it, will that cause any issues?
  2. This didn't fix it. Any other ideas? We did notice that the information is there. We can get it by doing a table report but it doesn't show up in the software accounting. Also any software that was marked hidden isn't any more.
  3. We upgraded from 2.1.0 to 2.2.3 and we have lost most of our licenses data that had been input. We have multiple backups of the TNI folder. Is there away to get this information back. We also noticed that in the software tab we can hit exclude hidden but it just dims the software doesn't actually hide it. Thanks,
  4. Nevermind I figured it out. Thanks so much.
  5. Thank you that got me some of the stuff I was looking for. In the software accounting tab I'm still not seeing the Tags or starred as well as account licenses. Is that stored somewhere else?
  6. I moved TNI to a new workstation becauce we needed more power. I copied over the data directory so al of our PC's came over. But none of our settings, hidden objects, tags, etc came over. Is there something I can move over to the new machine so we don't have to redo everything?
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