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  1. Zak, Any solution to this problem?
  2. While sitting idle, not scanning or doing anything in the app. TNI is using 100% cpu. I first thought it was the server. I installed TNI on 2 other servers & it does the same thing. Any help would be appreciated Thanks John
  3. When I click "stop scan" the scan never stops. I end up having to close the program & kill the TNI process in task manager before it will allow me to open the program again. Please help
  4. yes I have enabled/disabled nmap engine. Yes the server replies to pings normally.
  5. I run scans of my subnets periodically as we are always adding new servers. The scans do not find any new servers. If I scan the new server IP individually the scan completes fine. Why does the scan of the entire subnet, xx.xx.xx.xxx/24, not find any new devices? Please let me know if I am missing something. Thank you sysadmin
  6. The processor core count is not displayed for any windows 2003 servers. It shows fine on all windows 2008 servers.
  7. I am unable to filter my report using a condition based on service: logon as, service name or display name. I have tried multiple conditions, equals, matches, contains. None of them seem to work it just continues to show the complete list of services. I am able to filter other reports Please help
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