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  1. Hello, is the ip range condition. Refer to the last reply, I tried to use Or IP address ~ Matches "172.21.51.*" IP address ~ Matches "172.21.52.*" IP address ~ Matches "172.21.53.*" . . . to include all of subnets. I am not sure if you and the team would like to plan to simplify the condition for IP range condition one day? I look forward to seeing your feedback. Many thanks.
  2. Hello, I tried to make my own template of the table report to show 1. Network Name 2. IP Address between a range (for example: ~ 3. User Name I know there are some condition terms provided to us like equals (=), matches, and so on. I could get all of the assets without adding any IP condition, but I got none of assets while I try to add the condition to the IP address. I try to add the condition to the network name, it works. So I know the template should be okay. Would you please help to guide me how to do? Thanks.
  3. Hello, How are the machines on TNI2 being scanned? By computer name, MAC address, or serial number? Reason I ask is because if it is by computer name, wouldn't this mean that if a user were to re-image their PC and rename it something else we would get double charged on licenses? Thank you, Ally :)
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