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  1. +1 for this feature - it seems like something that should be pretty trivial as you must already be reading registry entries and writing the results to the database...?


    6 years in your todo list really means it has zero priority for you - can I ask how you assess the "popularity of requests from your users" - the few feature requests threads I've reviewed on this forum don't seem to be getting any action...is there somewhere else that we should be logging feature requests?


    Any chance we can see the "strict" roadmap for the next 6 months...?

  2. Does anyone have a working email configuration that sends out scheduled reports? It used to work for me but I think got broken in a recent upgrade...


    I've tried custom SMTP, Gmail and O365 with all variations for ports, SSL, user authentication - all I get is "an error" - the support team have taken onboard my suggestion for better logging and an email "test" button for a future release, but we haven't been able to get it working at all...


    I'd like to know if anyone is using this successfully...in which case it would be really useful to know the working configuration you have...? I'm kind of convinced it's a settings issue on my installation...?


    Thanks in advance...

  3. Okay - the problem appears to be that the trial has a limitation of 50 devices, and the scans are picking up the switches, wireless APs, printers. IP phones etc and so I'm running out of licenses for the PCs and servers...

    • Is it possible to flag an asset as "ignore" for the purposes of inventory - for example I'm not bothered at this stage about the 25 or so IP handsets, so would prefer them to not take up valid license "slots".

    Thanks, Nick

  4. No, the manual import fails as well, although there's a pop-up from the system tray icon saying the import completed successfully...?


    I've checked all the inventory files that are not being imported and they are machines that do not yet exist within the storage database.


    I've only got 3 days left on the trial now - can this be extended please?


    Could the issue be related to the trial version in some way?


    Thanks, Nick

  5. Thanks for the reply (didn't notice it until today!)...unfortunately that change hasn't made any difference...some of the logon script-generated inventory files are imported but around 10 are simply ignored...


    If this was an issue with hardware similarity detection, surely it would still import all the files it would just create some duplicate devices from the files it has failed to recognise as already logged in the inventory?


    It's actually leaving files in the folder that are not imported.


    Thanks, Nick

  6. Hi - evaluating TNI in a small organisation at the moment, but having some weird issues with the importing via logon script files function.


    The logon script is creating the files and some import (and delete) okay, but others are "processed" but not imported nor deleted...they "seem" to relate to assets not previously listed in TNI, so I was wondering if it's possible that the import process isn't able to create a new asset record in the database, but only able to update existing records? To test this, I created a new storage folder and the previously ignored inventory imports worked immediately...


    So there was nothing wrong with the import files, so why weren't they being imported? Anywhere I can look to see if any errors were created during the import process?


    BTW - I'm running this on Windows Server 2012 Standard x64...


    Thanks, Nick

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