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  2. The pie charts are nice, especially the Group Summary one with Alerts on Low Disk Space. Is there a way to expand on this, to list what machines have the issue?
  3. Dear Kevin, Unfortunately no. The redesign of Linux agents is still on hold. We still don't have an ETA for this update.
  4. Dear Dave, 8 months have passed. Any new news about it?
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  6. Hi! Please merge the required programs in the Software accounting tab and then attach a license to the group. Please don`t forget to tick the specified option as it`s shown on the screenshot.
  7. hello, How to put different office 2019 build to one licenses ? thx
  8. hello, everything work`s cool. thank you
  9. Hello, In order to prevent adding some devices you can simply create an exception task using Quick Add. Just enter a network name or an IP-address with prefix "-" (minus). If the exception task is enabled, the scanner will ignore the specified asset. You can see more details on this question in the link below: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/user-manual/network-scanning/managing-added-tasks
  10. hi, if i don`t want to scan some devices how to exclude them or how to prevent to have duplicity thank you
  11. Bom Dia, É altamente possível que você esteja usando uma versão quebrada do TNI. Baixe a versão mais recente da TNI em nosso site e reinstale o programa.
  12. Olá. Criei um relatório personalizado, porém alguns campos estão aparecendo com algumas letras "diferentes". Isso acontece de forma aleatória, por exemplo, se eu gerar o relatório alguns campos aparecem com essas letras, se eu atualizar, essas letras estranhas deixam de aparecer onde estavam e aparecem em outro campo. Como faço para remover essas letras e aparecer sempre o campo com a informação correta?
  13. You are right, but TNI is unable to rely on the data that contain such information, due to their absence. That is why we recommend entering the warranty information manually.
  14. this is quite inconvenient if the user has many devices to scan jigsaw puzzle
  15. To find this on a Windows computer, open the Start menu, then type "sysinfo" into the search bar. Select the "System Information" application, and scroll down to the BIOS Version/Date entry in the window that appears. The date listed can be used to estimate the age of the computer. bubble shooter
  16. Dear Kevin, Thank you for your willingness to help us but, unfortunately, we cannot speed up the development of the agent. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.
  17. Yes don't worry, in general I will only use silent mode. I couldn't find any software or this method doesn't work. Thank you anyway for warning me.
  18. Dear Alex, which Information can I give you that will help?
  19. We don't really recommend using the Sysshot method for drivers. In rare cases, deploying drivers using this method can damage the remote system. Some drivers may not apply to different systems in the same way, so deploying such changes can lead to unforeseen consequences.
  20. Hello! Could you please clarify your request concerning the data refreshment? If you log in to the program from other devices in your local area, the data has to be renewed immediately and the program displays you latest information. Concerning the data refreshment in Actions and Notifications, the time period of the information refreshment from sensors is set according to the configuration of the mentioned tools.
  21. Hi. We have Network-Olympus running on a separate pc, where users can see how things go. The problem is that they don't have access to the pc, and the data is not automatically refreshed. Is there a way to refresh it every x seconds? Regards Steen
  22. Ok that's actually good. I have to install an .exe so no problem ^^
  23. Ok thank you :), I just have a quick question that is irrelevant. But is it possible to also deploy, for example, a printer driver? Thank you in advance for your reply.
  24. Hello, Thanks for your message. It is recommended to use the Sysshot method only when it is not possible to create a deployment package using the Silent or Marco methods. It is suitable for small programs that don't make many changes in the system where you install them. To create a deployment package, TSD makes 2 snapshots of your system (before and after the installation). Then TSD allows you to create a deployment package based on the difference between the states of the system. You can manually select which changes in the regstry and file system should be considered as part of the installation process. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  25. Hello, even after reading the documentation, I don't understand what it does and in what specific cases it can be used. Does this allow us to install applications that are done in 2 steps? Cordially, Help22970.
  26. Dear Kevin, Sorry for bringning the bad news, but it turns out that solving this problem requires a major rebuild of the existing Linux agent. This task is currently postponed as it will take a significant amount of time to rebuild the agent from scratch. We need more feedback to prioritize this task.
  27. Dear Alex, any News? We want our Linux computers in TNI.
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