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  3. Hello. Currently, there is no web interface available. We consider adding this feature in the future.
  4. Can anyone tell me how to enable web interface?
  5. Unfortunately, we are not able to solve the issue without having any data and logs. There are many reasons that may lead to such behavior. We would recommend adding TNI installation folder to the antivirus software whitelist and making exceptions. Additionally, in TNI 6 go to Options -> Scanner and try disabling the "Enable Windows updates scan" option. Try performing scanning again then. If none of the actions would help, try using the resident agents. Otherwise, send us logs from the above-mentioned actions required to support@softinventive.com
  6. Ran both tests with driver flags as requested. Same result with or without flags. Nothing additional in the log file between any debug test. No .inv file created, the test was stopped after 2 hours. Again, I cannot supply the log files. I downgraded to TNI v5 as we run this on several networks, scan finished on one machine or across the entire network in under 2 minutes with full results. In the TNI v5 log file, Computer Systems scan time was around 700ms as opposed to 51,670,140ms with TNI v6.
  7. Paul, We still need you to complete the 2nd and 3rd steps from the previous message and send us the log file for us to investigate the issue. You can complete step 2 after automatically stopping the scan after 30 minutes. Step 3 can be done similarly, but you may not wait for the process to stop by itself, but force quit it after 10-15 minutes if it has not ended on its own. Be sure to run twice with different settings of the /driver flag.
  8. Ran a command prompt debug on a second machine with the same result, hanging for 14 hours on "Computer System" then progresses to finish the scan. I ran a GUI test scan after changing the timeout parameter to 180 minutes. The scan failed at the expected 3.5 hours. I am running another GUI test scan after changing the timeout parameter to 900 minutes (15 hours) to see if the scan will finish without running debug from command prompt, as that is the only time it finishes a scan at this point.
  9. The 50% point where the application hangs for 14 hours is listing "Computer System" as the task running.
  10. I ran debug, tniwinagent debug -v, in command prompt on Thursday and let it run over the weekend, Normally a scan would seem to hang at 50% then eventually fail with SMB connection lost. After running debug, the log shows that that scan finished and the 50% point, took 51670140ms (14 hours) to complete and move on. I cannot send the logs from the system on which TNI is running. I am assuming the non-response setting is hitting the max, default is 30 minutes, then killing the scan. It happens on all windows nodes
  11. Hello Paul. We will need some additional info for investigation: 1. Does this problem occur on all Windows nodes, or only on specific ones? 2. Open TNI Options while holding down the Alt key, then go to Logs and change the log level settings to Verbose (all 3 options), and rescan one of those devices. The scanner will display the error and the local path to the .log file. Please send us this log file. 3. After that, you should also do a manual scan of this device, first with the flags: tniwinagent.exe /debug /verbose /driver:0 , and then: tniwinagent.exe /debug /verbose /driver:3 . After that send us .log and .inv files (if any are generated).
  12. I have been attempting to get a TNI scan completed with no luck. v6.0 SMB makes the connection, installs the agent, scans hardware, starts scanning software, the scan gets to 50% (scanning software) and stops. This lasts for about an hour before failing stating SMB connection lost. I have run the program just by double clicking it, runas administrator, as a domain admin, local admin, with debug on, run the tniwinagent /debug. After running debug, the log only states, Starting making local scan Error loading UninstITL
  13. Estimado Luis, Este es un problema común que podría ocurrir en redes sin dominio. Para escanear con éxito las computadoras que están en un grupo de trabajo, debe especificar las credenciales de administrador local para cada computadora. Además, algunas computadoras pueden requerir cambios e ingresar cambios en su registro. Dichos cambios se pueden encontrar en este artículo: Acceso denegato De lo contrario, recomendamos que un agente residente escanee dichos dispositivos. Esto requerirá algo de tiempo para configurarlo, pero brinda mucha efectividad, reduce la carga en su red y no requiere que se ejecute con privilegios de administrador. El concepto general del agente residente se puede observar aquí: https://community.softinventive.com/topic/5380-data-import-from-ftphttp/?do=findComment&comment=9289
  14. Buenas tardes, cuando trato de escanear algunos nodos de mi red, me da el mensaje: "ACCESO DENEGADO", mi red es una red en WORKGROUP y tengo el sistema operativo WINDOWS 10. Por favor, tienen alguna idea de la que pueda pasar. EL usuario que se utiliza tiene privilegios de administrador. Me pueden ayudar. Saludos. Luis Fernando,
  15. A general scheme would be like this:
  16. All the settings are configured correctly. The only thing that you should perform is to configure SMB on that FTP server where the scanning results are placed. Therefore, the agent will send the data to FTP and the FTP server has SMB as well, which is being shared. After that, add an Import task in Scheduler in TNI and specify the SMB path to the shared folder on the server. That should work. Generally, all modern FTP servers support FTP and SMB simultaneously; by this, you could configure file transferring to TNI. It is slightly inconvenient but we are going to make it better later.
  17. Hi Dave. Thanks You wrote about the FTP server: But how does TNI do it? Use the same Data Transfer settings? If so, I am doing something wrong because it is not working for me (partially) 1- I have configured the FTP folder in Data Transfer and checked the connection 2- Set up the agent profile with the same "Data transfer method" 3- Set up the update path to the same FTP folder URL with user name and password as " auto-update network resource" (ftp://mydomain.com/DataFolder) 4- Set up the same "Data transfer method" as "Send scan results" 5- I added a task for Agent update, Scan, and Resend data The result is: The remote computer receives the agent and executes the tasks correctly, sending the result to the FTP folder as you can see in the following screenshot However, the TNI scheduled import task does not return any information about those results saved in the FTP folder. Who is wrong on my side?
  18. Hello Richard, We will add other transferring methods in the future updates. As for now, we recommend placing scan results on a local FTP server. In this case, TNI will be able to import the data as from a local resource.
  19. Hi, I have configured the agent's profile to deposit the scanner results to an external server FTP site (I also tried it with HTTP), and that works fine. However, I can't figure out how to "tell" TNI to import the data from there. I tried with the "Data Import" of the Schedule Task but could not find an option to do so. Apparently, it only works with shared or local folders or SMB but what about to import data from FTP?. Does anyone know how to do that?
  20. Intente especificar su dirección AD en el siguiente formato: DC=sistemas-ldap,DC=local De lo contrario, escríbanos su nombre de dominio completo (dirección)
  21. Buen día Dave, te comento que he configurado las propiedades del grupo AD, pero sin éxito, adjunto imágenes de configuración y el log de los eventos, desconozco si me haga falta configurar un parámetro en especifico, quedo atento.
  22. Buenos días, TNI no puede escanear dispositivos desde AD directamente. A su vez, necesitas sincronizar TNI con tu AD para que el programa pueda tener información de los dispositivos de tu dominio. Después de eso, puede escanearlos en consecuencia con los datos recibidos. Para sincronizar TNI con AD, debe ir a las propiedades de la raíz de almacenamiento o a las propiedades de la carpeta y especificar las propiedades de su grupo AD: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/user-manual/network-tree/network-node-properties#Networknodeproperties-Groupproperties Después de eso, realice la sincronización con su AD y vuelva a escanear los dispositivos transferidos: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/user-manual/network-tree/synchronization-with-active-directory
  23. Buenas tardes, solicitando su apoyo para guiarme en como configurar TNI para poder sincronizar y/o escanear un directorio activo. NOTA: empece este proyecto escaneando equipos sin un dominio configurado y no tuve problema, pero ahora en la empresa se a configurado un dominio con LDAP Y SAMBA 4, les agradecería su apoyo, quedo atento.
  24. Hello Alexander, We are sorry for the delay. It is possible that the deployed program does not support such a deployment method. Please make sure that TSD is started with administrator credentials privileges and make sure that there are no pop-up windows appearing while recording a macro. Otherwise, please try installing the software with Silent mode, unless such a method is supported.
  25. Hi there, I'm not able to save Macros (the save button is greyed out and can't be pressed) even though the Installer completed the installation. I also can't pause the recording for some reason. I'm new to TSD
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