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  2. Hello everyone! We start testing the 64-bit version of Total Network Inventory, which will replace TNI x86. The 64-bit version and its storage are fully compatible with the 32-bit version and have the same functionality. The improvements will be noticed by users of large networks and storages who build large reports and can reach the RAM usage limit of 32-bit applications. Download TNI x64 Beta from this link. Looking forward to your feedback!
  3. Hi! I`m afraid that the question is not related to TNI. The program is not able to activate third-party applications. Please take a look at Microsoft Office documentation.
  4. Hello. I have an old computer. How can I activate office 2013 on this computer without a product key?
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  6. Hi! We regret but TNI is not a monitoring tool and it is not possible to detect traffic through a server. The scanning processes are used to retrieve hardware and software information from devices. In your case, we recommend reviewing monitoring software.
  7. good morning all, I'm looking for an "easy-to-use" tool to detect IP addresses, within a LAN, that connect to a Server (within the same LAN). thank you.
  8. Hi Kevin, We are sorry to disappoint you again but the development of the agent is planned for next year, provided that there are no priority tasks or other circumstances. 😞
  9. Hi Alex, is there any Update? Thank you!
  10. Hello! No, there is a manual agent available only.
  11. Hi - quick question; is there a resident agent for Mac / OSX?
  12. Hi Dave, Thank you for your help
  13. Hi Patrice, Yes, to scan computers successfully you need to make sure that the ports 139, 445 are open. Please visit this page to get more information on how to scan your network devices in TSD.
  14. Hello, to scan computers, do I need a particular port to open on the workstations? Thanks
  15. Hi Klode, You can do this. Simply add such devices as Custom assets and save them in your storage. The number of custom assets is not limited and the y are not counted in a license.
  16. Hello, I want to add cameras like device type, is it possible to create a new group with template like camera or other network device ? Regards
  17. Hello! The shown list is a list of devices that placed for scanning, but the scanning has not been done yet. Simply perform scanning and the scanned devices appear on your network tree.
  18. Hello, I'm new for your product. I try to add a Pc on me TSD Perso List but i don't work . On TDList Perso i have 0. What is the problem ? Dashboard Thanks
  19. Alx


    ouch! it´s a pity because i think it´s a great tool!! but with no https, is impossibe to deploy in any production environment. I will keep an eye on this tool.. thx!
  20. Dave


    Hello, We have an idea to implement SSL configuration into the program and this feature is in our to-do list. But unfortunately, it is not possible in the current version of NO.
  21. Alx


    Hi, Is it posible to enable ssl connections? how can i install the certificate? Thank you!
  22. Hi, If we understood you correctly, a resident agent should suit your purposes. Before setting up a resident agent, you need first set up a communication method so that the agent can send scan results. Then go to the Scanner tab, switch to the resident agent section on the sidebar and add a Profile with configuring it. You can also need to add Schedule tasks so that the agent could execute scanning tasks and send scanning results at the specified schedule. Then export the agent with profiles by clicking the appropriate button to a remote computer. Please note that all configured profiles will be exported. You need to find the required profile by opening the configuration files and finding it by the Profile name inside. When the necessary conf file is found, rename the name of the file from the long name (for example) tniwinagent_{DAD9B996-A618-4498-B958-BC507CA2BE7B}.ini to tniwinagent.ini Launch the agent in the command line: tniwinagent.exe /install /start /testrun Then the agent will start as a service, perform scanning and send scanning results with the corresponded configuration. Please note that the described export method is displayed for a resident agent that is exported and manually started. If you perform actions from the main TNI module, then the configuration processes are greatly simplified.
  23. We are a MSP, our clients are outside of our network. We want to use agent based ( will install to each computer one by one ) monitoring but could not figure out to create an agent. We need a one agent fits all. And the TNI server is on our location which the clients are on another network/location.
  24. Hello. That`s right. In this case, we recommend using agents for remote scanning. Simply configure a resident agent that will send scanning results to a shared resource and then you need to configure the main module of the program in which you specify to import these results to.
  25. Is posible to scan computers outside the LAN network? For the changes in the 2 last years, most of our users work from home. Is there to scan Notebooks that are not in LAN? Installing any agent?
  26. Hi! Most likely the program is unable to capture the changes entered while taking a macro shot. We regret, but we cannot advise you any solution here.
  27. hi, we do deployment through macro step where we need to change IP to another step where we need to change IP to another after finishing installation the ip wasn´t changed . any idea how solved this problem ?
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