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  3. Hello, Thanks for your message. Unfortunately there is still not estimate for this feature. The team is currenly focused on the TNI project.
  4. Any idea when SNMP monitoring / sensors will become available? Other than a ping to see if they are alive most network hardware is really geared towards SNMP as the method to monitor (ports, traffic, resource usage).
  5. Dear LuisGuerrero, Thanks for your message. "SMB: Access is denied" is a standard Windows error that occurs when the account that has been used to reach a remote shared folder does not have enough privileges to do so. You can find a solution on this page: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/faq/faq-en-espanol#FAQenespa%C3%B1ol-Accesodenegado
  6. the error it gives us when we scan on our network on the computers is that of the attached photo
  7. sorry for delay it will not be a problem but until the end of the week. :D it will not be a problem but until the end of the week
  8. We apologize for the delay. Please restore the netsnmp.dll file. Check the following: 1. Once again, make sure that you are using the Tr4Ps.2020 community when you scan this device. 2. Make sure that the UPD 161 port is not blocked by Windows on the system where TNI is installed. 3. Since SNMP v1 and v2 utilize the UPD protocol, it is possible that some packets are lost in your network. Please try to ping this switch using the ping -t command. Let us know the percentage of the packet loss.
  9. Task (8 / 1327) Status --------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scan failed: SNMP: System scan failure; SSH: Port open, but protocol skipped; VMWARE: Port open, but protocol skipped
  10. Thank you for the information. There is one more thing that we can try. Please close the program and temporarily remove the netsnmp.dll file from the TNI installation folder (move it to another folder). Start the program and try scanning this switch. Let us know the result.
  11. Hi, Please check if you can collect the data from the following OID using the same community: OID Send us a screenshot, if possible. The incorrect communities error may still be related to the restrictions set on the switch.
  12. hi still problem with snmp. community looks like this Tr4Ps.2020 and is version 2c Task (38 / 1725) Status ---------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Done Scan failed: SNMP: Incorrect v1/v2 communities, but v3 protocol is available; SSH: Port open, but protocol skipped; TELNET: Port open, but protocol skipped cisco 3750E
  13. Hi, Thanks for your message. Please let us know the model of the Cisco switch. Most likely that it cannot be scanned via the SSH protocol. You can try scanning it via SNMP.
  14. hi , can't do it manually because is a cisco switch. SNMP was a restricted access problem ;)
  15. Hi, cestarik. Thanks for your message. SSH: There should be no problem with the Security alert message. TNI accepts it automatically. The problem may be related to the shell of the OS that you are trying to scan or the scanning agent. Please try to scan this system manually. You can find instructions on how to do this here: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/user-manual/scanning-using-agents/manual-scan Let us know if the local scan returns the same error. SNMP: First of all, please check if the name of the community is specified correctly in the SNMP column. There may be a typo. It
  16. hi, Task (2 / 596) Status -------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 10.0.xx.xx Scan failed: SSH: {seNoError}; VMWARE: Port open, but protocol skipped user name and password correct too but if i`am do new connection from putty need to accept the protocol. Can be this problem when TNI try`s login? snmp Task (4 / 1276) Status --------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scan failed: S
  17. Hello, Thanks for your message. Most likely that TNI 4.7.5 will be released this week. You will see a notification in TNI if the Check for updates checkbox is ticked in Options - General.
  18. hello, when be ready rollout new update thanks :rolleyes: B)
  19. Hello, Thanks for your message. Uninstallation of Google Chrome is currently not supported. As a workaround, you can try uninstalling Chrome by deploying the installer with the "Uninstall" parameter or a Powershell script that will remove the program.
  20. Hi, we try to uninstall chrome from Win10 PCs, but the Chrome is greyed out. Is there an workaround?
  21. Dear Matthias, Thanks for your feedback. It is already possible to compare two or more snapshots in the TNI change log. We have implemented this functionality in TNI 4.5.0. You can find detailed information in this post: https://www.softinventive.com/blog/tni-4-5-0-hardware-monitoring-updated-changelog/
  22. A comparison option between two or more snapshots would be a desirable option. In the software area in particular, updates would be better tracked. Eine Vergleichsoption zwischen zwei oder mehr Snapshots wäre eine wünschenswerte Option. Insbesonders im Softwarebereich würden sich so Updates besser nachverfolgen.
  23. Dear Gregor, Thanks for your message. Usually this error occurs when the SSH port is closed. Could you please check if you can connect to this macOS system via SSH using Putty or some other utility? Use the same credentials as you specified in TNI.
  24. Hi, I made a scan of a MacOS Catalina-System. Regardeless, if firewall is disabled or enabled, I am always getting the error Task (1) Status --------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 192.168.x.x Scan failed: No open ports for supported protocols; SNMP: Incorrect community or SNMP not available Do you have any hint for me, what I can do? Regards, Gregor
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